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用旧材料自制环保实用 Notebook



My job had a common problem – one of the printers could not print double-sided. This bothered me on a daily basis as I stood by to watch TWICE AS MUCH paper being used as was necessary.But then I got an idea from my girlfriend’s librarian, and I decided to turn them into notebook! All it took at first was to save those printed pages that were blank on one side, fold them in half, and put them in a neat little stack on the back corner of my desk.With those pages I made some beautiful notebooks, which I would like to share with you here.



收集制作 Notebook 的材料

notebook 材料收集

These notebooks are great because you can make them from materials that would have otherwise been thrown away (or put in the recycle). Also, each page in the finished notebook is unique because you can see a faint hint of what was on the used side.

Here is what you’ll need:

  1. Paper – Save your papers that have only been used on one side. Fold each piece of paper so that the blank side is on the outside. (I used 40 pages for this notebook)
  2. File Folder – I used a file folder from an old project for my notebook cover. It’s nice, thin cardboard for a cover, and it already has fold lines on it which you can use to set the width of your notebook!
  3. Colored Paper
  4. Sewing Machine (or thread and a way of punching holes)
  5. Glue – Any paper glue works fine. I used super glue so it’s extra robust.
  6. Razor Blade
  7. Ruler



  1. 旧纸——只使用了一面的打印纸。每张纸对这一下,让白面朝外。(我用了40张纸做笔记本。)
  2. 文件夹——我用一个旧的文件夹当笔记本的封面。很棒,这个薄板当封面,并且文件夹上有一条线可以设置你的笔记本的宽度!(估计指的是文件夹背脊旁边那一竖线吧,像书本折痕的那个线。)
  3. 彩色纸——可有可无,主要用来包脊背的,增加美观。
  4. 针线/缝纫机/订书机等可以装订的工具都行。
  5. 胶水——任何胶水都行。为了更牢固我用的是强力胶。
  6. 尺子


notebook 成品


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